Freelance Marketing Design Professional, Monterey Bay Area

Kristen Calcatera, dba Big Sky Creative, is a freelance graphic design, writing, and marketing professional who helps companies build great customer relationships.

Your success depends on your customer's happiness.
Work with Kristen to keep them coming back.

Maintaining customer relationships takes time. As a small business owner, you know it’s true—yet you’re pulled in so many directions. Kristen Calcatera is the partner you need to reach out and keep in touch with those priceless, loyal, happy customers. Keep them coming back, and their referrals, recommendations, and friends will be your next loyal, happy customers.

An experienced freelance professional, Kristen has technical expertise, business savvy and personal touch to nurture customer satisfaction and grow your membership. Kristen provides the customer attention & connection your business needs to succeed—without the overhead of a full time employee.